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IT Solutions for Your Every Need

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Our IT services are available both on-site, remotely, and in-store.

Our IT Consultants are Professional, Certified, and Trained with Senior Level Experience.

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BCS is a technology consulting and services company that has been serving clients since 2009. Our goal is to help our clients out-innovate their competition by leveraging technology and improving their business processes. With our years of experience, we have developed best practices and verified solutions to even the most complex business challenges.

Our company's philosophy is based on a set of principles that align with the agile development method, which has transformed the way software is developed and deployed. We believe that agility is key to staying ahead in today's fast-paced business environment. By following an agile approach, we ensure that our clients have the flexibility to quickly adapt to changes and rapidly innovate, gaining a competitive edge.

At BCS, we are committed to helping our clients succeed through the power of technology and continuous process improvement. Our agile approach allows us to deliver exceptional results and drive long-term success for our clients.


What our Clients are Saying

Your team is amazing. The customer service is always on point. I would have assumed you had 100+ [staff] just based on the high-quality customer service and fast response times. I feel like I’m your only client!

Our trouble tickets have significantly decreased compared to the previous IT company we had for years. But the thing I’ve noticed that really separates BCS is that they really care, plain and simple.

You guys have been killing it. We’ve put a lot on you guys and your entire staff has been willing and able to take on the challenges. Thank you for all of the help.

Joan Marks

Raymond Souza

Maggie Stalk

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12 W Main St, Ramsey, NJ 07446

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