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Microsoft 365: A Platform For the Modern Workforce

The applications your employees love, backed by Microsoft's enterprise cloud. Secure, scalable, collaborative. Learn more about the new Microsoft 365. 

Our consultants are experts in a number of Microsoft competencies, and cloud solutions

What is Microsoft 365?

Office 365 brings together all the familiar Microsoft Office applications in an easy-to-use, accessible-from-anywhere Cloud service. It’s an ideal first step on the path to Cloud computing.

Office 365 offers the familiar Microsoft Office collaboration and productivity tools but all delivered online. Everyone can work together easily with anywhere access to email, web conferencing, documents, and calendars. It includes business-class security and is backed by Microsoft.

Microsoft Office 365 is licensed on a flexible, per-user per-month subscription plan with predictable annual costs-enabling your business to scale its services when it makes sense. Microsoft manages the IT software and your customers control the user access rights

The full Office package

Always the latest versions
Always up-to-date versions of the full suite of Microsoft Office applications. Includes Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and more.


On all of your devices
Install on up to five devices per user. Work from local versions on desktops and laptops, or through apps and browsers on smartphones or tablets.

Collaboration tools

Instant communication
Keep in touch via email with large 50 GB Exchange mailboxes or instant message and video conference with Microsoft Teams.


Shared calendars and tasks
Microsoft Exchange and Outlook features help you stay up to date with your team.

OneDrive online storage
Easy collaboration and document sharing with 1 TB OneDrive storage.

All your favorite Office applications
Always with the latest features and security updates.

Microsoft Word
The word processor you know and love
Write letters, document your work, develop manuals and other long-form content

Microsoft Excel

Widely used application for building spreadsheets
Analyze your data, develop models and create powerful visualizations

Microsoft Word

The world's favorite application for building compelling presentations
Showcase the results of your analysis visually

Microsoft Outlook

The industry standard for business email
Manage your emails, appointments and tasks with Outlook

Microsoft Teams

Connect with your team from anywhere
Tools for instant messaging, chat, video conferencing and screen sharing

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is the powerful email server technology powering your Microsoft Outlook client
Used by companies all around the world to manage their corporate email systems

Microsoft Access

Create and manage your own database applications easily
Save time with pre-built app and spreadsheet templates


Capture your creativity and organize your thoughts with handwritten notes, drawings, screenshots, photos and videos
Collaborate on projects and documents


Store documents online and access them from anywhere
Share files with team members and collaborate in real time

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