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Meet your New Intelligent

Meet The Future Of the Cloud with BCS

Bergen Computer Solutions offers many Cloud Hosting options. Whether you want to move your existing server infrastructure to a cloud-hosted environment, or you're looking to set-up a new environment. We have you covered.

At Bergen Computer Solutions, we excel in transitioning existing in office computer and server infrastructures to cloud-based platforms, as well as designing and implementing brand-new infrastructures tailored to your business needs.

Our expertise lies in utilizing top-tier hosting platforms like Amazon and Azure, ensuring unparalleled reliability, scalability, and security. Trust in our commitment to provide you with a seamless cloud integration experience, where the robustness and reputation of industry leaders like Amazon and Azure safeguard your company's digital backbone. With us, you gain the assurance and peace of mind that your infrastructure is in capable and well-established hands.

Seeking expert management for your existing server locations? Bergen Computer Solutions is here to help. We specialize in seamlessly taking over and optimizing any current setup, regardless of its location.


Contact Bergen Computer Solutions today for a complimentary consultation and discover how we can enhance your technology.

Digital Workspaces make the future possible

Is your current desktop confined to the computer beneath your desk? Wondering about the risks of hardware failure or virus attacks? Bergen Computer Solutions brings you a hassle-free alternative with our hosted desktop services.

Access your full Windows desktop, applications, and data effortlessly through our website, from anywhere and at any time. Our service supports a wide range of devices including PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, iPhones, and Android devices. With Bergen Computer Solutions, your virtual desktop is always within reach, expertly managed and maintained for your convenience.

Minimizing on-site servers and shifting desktops to the cloud is a top strategy for not only enhancing security but also boosting reliability and reinforcing disaster recovery plans. This approach ensures continuous operations, whether employees are working from home or in the office.

Bergen Computer Solutions offers a superior Hosted Desktop solution, expertly engineered to blend top-tier security, cost-efficiency, reliability, and unparalleled mobility. This environment is robustly safeguarded by cutting-edge security measures and comprehensive Unified Threat Management systems. Designed to adapt to a variety of challenges, our solution ensures your team stays productive and interconnected, regardless of unforeseen events or circumstances. By utilizing our Hosted Desktop, hosted on dependable platforms like Amazon and Azure, your organization gains the agility to navigate any situation with confidence and efficiency.

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